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     Today = Angleball with @AndersonColt @JasonBabin93 @CaseyMatthews50  (Click for link)

 -Rick Burkholder via Twitter, Head Team Trainer, NFL, Kansas City Chiefs


                                          Angleball: "Liked" (Click for link)

                                          -Rick Burkholder via Facebook

                                           Head Team Trainer, NFL

                                           Kansas City Chiefs

     "My PE teachers are always looking for new and fun ways to have the students get involved and angleball is great for that."

 -Steve Iezzi, Professional Trainer, NFL Philadelphia Eagles & Secondary Ed.



     “American Angleball should be a part of every middle and high school physical education curriculum.  My students absolutely love it!!   I love the integration of basic skills (running, dodging, catching, throwing) with unique rules and strategies that make it inclusive and engaging for all students.   American Angleball is the perfect choice to enhance your physical education curriculum!”

- Maureen Vorwald, Platteville High School, 2014 Wisconsin and Midwest Secondary Teacher of the Year



     "We absolutely love angleball! It is a great game for kids of all different ages and athletic ability to play together. After all, that is one of our main goals in camping, inclusion of all! Angleball is now an actual league sport at our camp and played daily by different age groups."

-Kevin, Program Director, Camp Horseshoe

     "We set up the angleball set today and had a blast with it as well as some exhausted (NFL) players including myself. Thanks again!"

 -Aaron Borgman, Team Trainer, NFL

     "It was our camper's favorite game. I like that it can be a large or small group playing and that the rules are not complicated. Anyone can play no matter the skill level. We had some kids that were not regular attenders of our group that readily participated and became a part of the group almost instantly. Few games offer that advantage."​

 -Terry Foster, Pastor,
Southside Bible Church, IN


     "We loved it! It's a great game! Easy to learn and fun to play!"


-Terri Blenner, Director, JCC Apachi Day Camp


     "The kids loved Angleball immediately. They asked for us to offer it as a regular activity. The equipment was sturdy and held up. An awesome activity."                                    

 -Robert Lebby, Camp Director & Executive Director, North Star Camp / Association of Independent Camps 

     "Angleball is a great activity for all ages. I encourage you to play!" 


-Bill Hoffman, PE Teacher for 38 years, Council Rock School District

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