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Angleball® Licensing Agreement 

     Angleball® is a registered trademark and brand for the sport of anejodi which was reestablished as an American tradition in 1942 by Hall of Fame football & basketball coach, Rip Engle. Angleball has exclusive rights for the sale of anything bearing the Angleball trademark and, or logo - with the exception of club & event tee-shirts, explained below. 


     Interested in starting a local Angleball club, tournament or league? Awesome! Local organizations may use our trademarked name, "Angleball" and logo to organize local competitions while following our rules listed below:


    Organizations using our trademarked name "Angleball" must behave lawfully, or they can be barred from using our trademark.

    Your Angleball events may be organized up to the state level; national & global event organization is reserved for ANGLEBALL®  USA & Worldwide HQ.  


     Angleball clubs & organizations may use our Angleball trademarked name to sell club tee-shirts  but may not sell performance apparel using our Angleball trademarked name or logo - tee shirts only. 


     ANGLEBALL clubs may use our trademarked name "Angleball" in their web-addresses and social media pages, ex., or Facebook: "Bulldogs Angleball", as long as they do not give the impression that they are representing ANGLEBALL HQ / ANGLEBALL USA & Worldwide.

     In keeping with anejodi's age-old roots, Angleball ® allows people to make their own throw targets to Angleball's ® patented specifications as long as the equipment is not sold - personal and club use only. 

     Angleball ®  is the registered owner of the name "Angleball" and reserves the right to wholesomely & positively use any images or video publicly shared using the keyword or hashtag "Angleball" to help uplift our sports community.      


    Any questions at all? Contact us.




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