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Clubs & Gyms

     Angleball® call be played at any active group, virtually anyway you wish; however, Angleball® was also designed to integrate with the FitSports® Club & Gym Exercise Program.

     We designed the FitSports® Club & Gym Exercise program to be the most inclusive fitness sports program, ever, making fitness sports perfectly balanced for varied groups of different genders, ages, ability and competition levels - without compromise. FitSports® Clubs can be started at any school, gym, YMCA, camp or active gathering, and a free club guide is included with each set including our patenting FitScore™ system. FitScore isolates individual achievement from team achievement, resulting in individualized "FitScores" for personal fitness tracking, while still allowing opt-in to our competition ranking system. With FitScore participants only competition is themselves so they can be, and beat, their best.  

     Marketing your FitSports® Club or Gym for profit requires being licensed as a FitSports® Coach, has a $149 annual fee, and includes a meeting conducted online through video-chat with our FitSports® Certification Staff to determine if being a FitSports® Coach is right for you. Include your contact information with purchase so we can reach out to schedule a time to video-chat. Prior knowledge of the FitSports® Program is not required prior to the video-chat, but is suggested. During the video-chat we will discuss the FitSports® Club System, FitScore algorithm, best practices & our code of conduct. We will make a decisions during the meeting if you are a good fit for a FitSports® Franchise and refund you the full amount if it does not work out. If you are serious about fitness sports and all that entails - living a healthy lifestyle and being a wholesome and active member of your community, then there should be no problem for you to earn your Coach Certification. You can review the FitSports Exercise Program, here.