Sports Clubs 

Computer generated proof of concept. 

Computer generated proof of concept. 

Not just a coed sports club. Not just a social mixer. Not just a fitness activity. It's a little of all those things. Cooler Sports Clubs are a better... no... Cooler, way to organize coed social sports fitness.


3 sports, designed for any group size and ability level from 1v1 beginners to 12 v 12 professionals. This guarantees that no matter how many people show up you will always have an optimal experience - even if it's just you and one of our pros. 


Our sports are not just great casual fitness, but they are also designed to integrated with our patented & revolutionary Combinatorial™ (Combo™)  Tournament structure, the most perfectly balanced coed tourney structure that, we believe, is mathematically possible. No concessions. No compromises. Just hardcore, coed, sports competition revolving around a perfect competition algorithm to isolate and identify the best male and female athletes, equally and with perfect science.

The competitive Combo Tourney is elective, you do not have to participate as a member of a Cooler Sports club. Combo Tourneys work by rotating athletes each round, so that every athlete plays with and against every other athlete of their designation; this gives the most mathematically perfect ranking of competing athletes in varied competition matches, in their designation, to finally determine the best male and female athlete. It's fun, and it can go on your resume if you win ;-)  

See you there! 

ANGLEBALL®  & FitSports®   2020