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     Before there was Angleball there was Anejodi. 

     ANGLEBALL is inspired by North America's oldest sport, Anejodi, which translated from Cherokee means "little brother of war" - a sport that was used to condition Native American warriors. 

     According to, Anejodi is a sport where "points are scored when the ball strikes a wooden fish or ball on the top of a pole". 


     The illustration above was drawn by Jacques LeMoyne in 1591, after he observed the Timucua People of present day Florida. His description reads as follows, "The young men... they played a certain ball game in the following manner. A post was erected in the middle of an area... on the top of which was a rectangular wooden frame woven from rushes, and the one who managed to hit it with a ball was awarded a prize" (Library of Congress).

     Sculpture at a park in Tulsa, Oklahoma of a coed Anejodi match. The girl is depicted attempting to strike a skull on a pole with the ball. 

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