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101 FUN & FIT games you can play with the Coolerball & Disc ™ Ring!

Perfect for students & young athletes!

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Galaxy War!

Perfect for Elementary School Gym. Coolerball & Disc Rings are the "Space Ship Energy Cores" and rest on a series of floor mats which are the "Space Ship". "Crew members" players cannot leave their mats. Each Space Ship is separated by gym floor - "Outer Space". Only players on scooters "Drones" can go on the gym floor to collect dodge-balls to bring back to the Space Ship. Players throw dodgeballs from their mats to throw through the opposing team's rings. The first team to throw through 3 rings, or to any set number, is the winner! Or just play for fun with no winners and losers; every time ta ball goes through the ring, that team has to do 5 jumping jacks! 


Lord of the Rings!

Teams cannot cross onto the other team's side. Lots of soft throw balls are scattered around the playspace. Each side has a Coolerball & Disc Ring inside a circle that no one can go inside. The objective is to throw balls through the opponents ring! In action, this is similar to dodgeball, except the target is a thing, rather than a person. Players can block balls flying toward their ring! Play to points or time! 


Jurassic Ball!

Play with a lowered 2-4 foot Coolerball & Disc Ring and soft playballs a plethora of "Dinosaurs" which the kids play as! T-rex cannot use his hands, feet only. Brontosaurus can use hands or feet and is two kids loosely connected at the wrists or ankles - cannot separate! Velociraptor can only use his hands, but cannot throw, and can only hand off the playballs!   


Blindfold Ball!

Played with soft throwballs and Coolerball & Disc rings. Everyone is blind-folded except a caller on each team who can see and shouts instructions! Ball-carrier must always yell "throwing!" before throwing so no one gets slapped in the face (always play safely, kids)!



Similar to Disc Golf, but with Coolerball & Disc Rings!


Human Foosball!

Players can only move in lanes, like foosball players! One player per team is free from the lanes and can chase down loose discs!

Hands... and feet?!

Play with soft playballs and now players can score with their hands... or feet a la soccer! The balls cannot be picked-up from the ground - it must always be popped up with the foot (safety first)!



Play with soft thwoballs. Fun for ovenight camp! Play in the dark with flashlights and glow-in-the-dark materials - always play safe and with proper supervision!


Red Light Green Light!

Coolerdisc, but the athletes can only move when the ref shouts "green light!" (or when the music is playing for a fun variation)! Players must freeze when "red light" is called!


Bonus Point Circles!

Classic Coolerball & Coolerdisc with markings on the ground that give bonus points if scored from!


Gang up on the goalie!

This might require lowering the target. Play with soft throwballs, and have a goalie defend from inside the circle while everyone tries to throw through the ring! A fun fitness drill!


Blob-Tag Cooldisc!

Played with an offense and a defense. The offense tries to score by throwing through the ring, but every time offense is tagged within the defense's boundary they join "The Blob" - kids connected at the elbows! 


Lots o' Teams!

2 teams is boring! Why not 3 teams? Why not 4! Spice up almost any game-type by tossing extra teams in the mix!


Around We Go!

The Disc must pass to everyone on a team before a shot attempt!

Cooler-Soccer! Play with a 2-4 foot ring and feet only with a soft playball, a la soccer!


Maze Coolerdisc!

Fun for Elementary School Gyms. Build a "maze" using gym mats laying on edge! Play Classic Coolerdisc in the "maze"! 


Forest Coolerball & Disc!

Fun for camps & camping! Safe, Supervised play only! Play Classic Coolerdisc in the forest using trees as cover!



It's Classic Coolerdisc... but instead of playing with a flat disc it’s played with a sphere-disc, aka a ball (haha)!



It's Classic Coolerdisc but played with a football! Great football conditioning drill!


Flag Coolerdisc!

Classic Coolerdisc, but with football-flags and players can run with the disc. If your flag gets pulled it's a turnover!


Space Knight Coolerdisc!

You've got Coolerball & Disc Rings, you've got foam noodles! Time to play! Block shots with the pool noodles, or if the ball-carrier is hit with a pool noodle it's a turnover! Get creative! 




Lacrosse with Coolerball & Disc rings!


Trampoline Coolerball & Disc!

Coolerball & Disc safely supervised at a trampoline park! How fun!


Parkour Coolerdisc!

Sometimes simply having supervision is not enough! Pros only for this one! Set up the Coolerball & Disc Ring at a parkour course! 


Zombie Coolerdisc!

The offense tries to score but everytime they are tagged they become another zombie defender! Zombies can only shamble - no running! How many points can the offense score before the Zombies consume all?!


Zone Coolerdisc!

Classic Coolerball & Disc but athletes cannot leave their "zones"! A great training drill!


Hockey Lacrosse Coolerball & Disc!

Serious & safe supervision only! Lacrosse, in skates playing with Coolerball and Disc rings as goals!


Twinning Coolerball & Disc!

Everyone is tied (loosely & safely) to a buddy! This requires serious teamwork & communication!


Sumo Suit Coolerball & Disc!

You know those inflatable Sumo Suits? Sumo Suits + Coolerball & Disc = Magic!


Kayak Coolerball & Disc!

Did we mention the Coolerball & Disc Ring is water-proof? No paddling while holding the Coolerdiss! Use paddles to block shots! Fun for camp! Serious & safe lifeguard supervision only! 


Relay Race!

Form a line and take shots through the ring! Which team can shoot through the target the most number of times? Great drill!


Pool Noodle Defenders!

Grab a partner so you are on opposite ends of the ring and sail the disc through the ring back and forth, while the Pool Noodle Defender defends from inside the ring-circle using only a foam pool noodle!



Divide the gym or field into four Quadrants with an Coolerball & Disc Ring in each corner. Players must stay in their Quadrants. Flood the play area with dodgeballs and throw through the opposing teams' targets!  


Scooter Polo!

Classic Coolerdisc played on Gym scooters!



Same rules as basketball Horse, but played with a Coolerball & Disc Ring!


Hockey Coolerball & Disc!

Play with a lowered 2-4 foot Coolerball & Disc Ring. It's roller (or ice) hockey with a ball and rings! Always play with safe supervision!


Skeet shoot Coolerball & Disc!

Players take turns trying to throw through the ring while players on either side try and knock the balls / discs out of the air with dodgeballs! Players should always be opposite of each other so there is someone to catch the balls! 


Wizards Unite!

Coolerdisc with a Wizards theme! If a Wizard hits the ball-carrier with a dodgeball then they can make the ball-carrier do different things depending on the "spell"; for example, freeze in place for 10 seconds, or hop on 1 leg until the next point!   


Super Heroes!

Coolerball & Disc with a Super Heroes theme! The heroes must work together to destroy the villain's energy ring by throwing through it! Different heroes have different abilities! Some heroes have pool noodles, others can use dodgeballs to freeze other players, one player can tag people on their side and send an opponent to a jail circle until freed, etc... Get creative! 


Ring Blast!

One team is offense and one is defense. Offense is not allowed inside the super-sized 20-foot-radius circle around the Coolerball & Disc Ring, only the defense can go in there. Scatter dodgeballs, and anyone hit must sit down until the person who got them out, gets out! How many times can the offense throw through the Coolerball & Disc ring before the time is up? 


Freeze-tag Coolerdisc!

Play with two sides, each with a Coolerball & Disc Ring and a jail circle. One disc is in play. If a player is tagged on the opposing team's side then they go to the jail circle until freed by a teammate, and given a free walk back. 


Solo Coolerball!


Set the ring against a wall and play against the wall for longest rally! A great workout!



Another fantasy Coolerdisc game (see: Super Heroes) where players can be different monsters with different abilities using dodgeballs, pool noodles, freeze-tags and jail circles (get creative)! Play with two field halfs or with offense and defense and one Coolerball & Disc Ring in the middle!



Each target-circle has a dodge-ball wielding Goalie, and a helper who retrieves balls to the Goalie's ball container! When hit by a dodgeball, players can either go to a jail circle, sit down until the next point, or use your imagination!


Rotation Coolerball!


Coolerball but players rotate positions every time the ball passes through the ring!



Who says you need to play Coolerdisc either on grass OR on sand OR in water? Coolerball & Disc does not require boundary lines, so have fun playing all terrain, just make sure kids play safe and supervised! Perfect for Summer Camps!  


Batter Up!

Baseball with bonus points is the ball is hit or thrown through a ring!



Classic Coolerdisc, except before the match, players build mazes around their targets using gym mats on edge as barriers! Fun for Elementary School Gyms! 


The Floor is Lava!

Coolerdisc but don't step on the gym mats that are laying flat - they are lava! One player per team is a Lava Monster who can retrieve the Coolerdisc if it lands on a gym mat!


Cool Frogs!

Everyone’s feet are tied together so they can only hop! This is a major workout! 


Halloween Coolerdisc!

Coolerdisc but each team has a "Witch" riding a pool noodle and if the Witch tags someone on the Witch's side, that player must go to the "Halloween  World" - a jail that is marked off, until saved by a teammate! 


Animal Ball!

Classic Coolerdisc, but each team has a Zoo Keeper, a Zoo and a whole bunch of animals! If the Zoo Keeper catches you on his side you go to the Zoo (market off with cones) until rescued - the Zoo Keeper only walks, never runs! the rest of the players are different animals with different traits. Frogs can only hop, Seals scoot around on scooters, Elephants are two kids loosely tied together, crabs crab-walk, etc... Get creative!   


Multi-ring Coolerball!


Coolerball with more than 1 ring!


It's a Numbers Game!

Classic Coolerdisc but players only join the game when their number is called (every player on each team is assigned a number). Perfect when you have a huge group of kids and want to rotate players in a fun way!  


Ga-Ga for Coolerball & Disc!

Classic Coolerdisc, played with lowered 2-4 foot Coolerball & Disc Rings, and an 8" playground ball in place of the disc. The ball can only be moved by rolling it on the ground like in GaGa - no gripping the ball! To shoot, the ball is swatted off the ground!


Undercover Ball!

One player on each team is secretly assigned by the referee as "Undercover" and actually plays for the OPPOSITE team that he / she wears a jersey for! At the end of the game each team is allowed to guess who was Undercover, and if the Spy is guessed then points are deducted - potentially swaying the outcome!  A sneaky game of espionage and high fitness! 


Ninjas vs. Samurais!

A gametype played at night with safe supervision and lots of cover: trees, buildings, etc.... One team is offense (the Ninjas), and one team is defense (the Samurais). The Samurais have small, low-power flashlights, and if they spot a Ninja and call the Ninja’s name, the Ninja must return to their side and try again! The Ninjas have lots of throwing stars - discs that they can use to throw through the ring, and the ring must be in a place where it is lit with moonlight.  


Send in the Marines!

Classic Coolerdisc with nerf guns! if you are hit with a nerf pellet on the opposing team's side then you go to the jail area until rescued! Works best with an offense and a defense, and zones that the defense cannot leave.  


Super Jump Bros!

Classic Coolerdisc but with dodgeballs everywhere, and instead of throwing the dodgeballs at opponents on your side, you have to roll them like a "turtle shell" so your opponent has to jump!


Coolerdisc with a Goalie!

A general idea that can be applied to lots of different game-types listed here! Play with a lowered 2-4 foot Coolerball & Disc Ring, and a soft foam disc or ball (so it does not hurt if getting wapped in the face by accident). Each team is allowed a goalie in the target-circle! All the other rules are Classic Coolerdisc rules! 


Coolerdisc with a Ninja Goalie!

Same as "Coolerdisc with a goalie" except the standard is not lowered, and the goalie uses a foam noodle "sword" to block shots! 


Slow Ball!

Classic Coolerdisc except running is not allowed! A great drill to help athletes better understand the flow of the game. 


Water Coolerball & Disc!

Did you know that Coolerball & Disc can be played in water!? But only with safe & proper supervision for the young ones! 


4 Downs Coolerdisc!

Played around one Coolerball & Disc Ring with concentric circles around it every 10 yards. the objective is to throw through the ring. Everything else is touch or flag Football rules, 4 downs, etc..! 


Fantasy Coolerball & Disc!

Coolerdisc with a fantasy theme! Giants, wizards, knights and dragons! Giants can only walk in big strides but score a point if they touch the disc-carrier! Wizards cast spells with a touch that make kids do silly things (like they can only run backward for a point)! Knights have foam noodle swords! Dragons shoot fireballs (dodgeballs)! Bonus points for building gym mat Castles!  


Coolerball & Disc on the Moon?!

Why should golf be the only sport played on the Moon? In the meantime, this is a fun game to play while wearing springy moon shoes - or at a trampoline park! 


Off the wall!

Coolerball & Coolerdisc in an enclosed racketball court! How silly (and ricochet-y)!


Backyard Coolerball & Disc!

Look, just like people, every backyard is different. Enbrace the differences! Bushes, trees and other obstacles add character to your backyard Coolerball & Disc field - embrace it! 


Duck Hunt!

One team is defense and one is offense. lots of small dodgeballs "ducks" spread out everywhere. The goal of the offense is throw dodgeballs through the ring. The defense can only guard the target by "shooting the ducks" dodgeballs out of the sky using other dodgeballs!


Sprinkler Coolerball & Disc!

Sprinklers make everything more fun, especially on a hot summer's day! Add a sprinkler to your Coolerball & Disc field for wet, refreshing fun! And always remember to play safe (it's slippery out there)! 


Slip & Slide Coolerball & Disc!

What, your summer Coolerball & Disc field does not have a sprinkler OR a slip & slide running through it?? Tsk tsk!


Volleyball Coolerball & Disc!

Play coolerball with your palms through the ring! 


Count Your Steps!

Coolerdisc except no one is allowed to move until the Ref calls out a number. At that point every player on the field may only take that number of steps, then pause. Then the ref calls a new number, and repeat. this is a fun drill that slows the pace of play, making it more about strategy. 


Ninjas vs. Marines!

Classic-y Coolerdisc, but one team has foam noodle "swords" the other has dodgeballs! Hit players go to jail until rescued!




Coolerball but with the ring raised to 6 feet!


My Feet are in Cement!

A silly drill! Classic Coolerdisc, but only one player on each team is allowed to move their feet! the other players are evenly spread around the field, and can catch, pass and shoot - just not move their feet!


Giant Coolerball & Disc!

Great for adaptive fitness! Classic Coolerball & Disc except all the equipment is bigger! Bigger discs, paddles & balls!  


Stay on the Lines!

Classic Coolerball & Disc except there are lines on the court and players must follow the lines (except for one player on each team who has super powers and can chase down stray Coolerballs & Discs that are not on the lines!). 



Great idea for CrossFit! Classic Coolerdisc, but the disc is replaced with a heavier fitness ball! Great body workout! Always play with proper precautions! 


Kickball Coolerball & Disc!

Played with two sides, and players are not allowed on the opposing side. the play space is filled with kickballs. The objective is to kick balls through the opposing team’s rings!


Skate Park Coolerball & Disc!

This is another one of those gametypes where supervisions just isn't enough - pros only. Coolerdisc played in the pools and jumps of a skate park while wearing skates or on boards. Whaaat?!


Trick Shot Coolerball & Disc!

Try and best your friends with the most ridiculous trick shots possible, record, upload to YouTube and become a social media celeb! :-p


Multi-Target Coolerball & Disc!

Who says you can only have 1 target per team? Why not 2? Why not 3?


Jet Ski Coolerdisc!

One day... One day...


Snowball Fight Coolerball & Disc!

Take any of the Dodgeball Coolerball & Disc variations listed, and substitute with snowballs  :-) Bonus points for building a snow fort around your ring! 


Huge Ball!

Classic Coolerball & Disc, except the Coolerball & Disc is substituted with a HUGE ball - for example, a huge beach ball! 



Classic Coolerball & Disc, except the players on each team are connected at the elbow like a giant caterpillar! 


King of the Castle!

One team is offense and one is defense. the defense may throw dodgeballs at the offensive on the inside of the defenses 30ft radius target-circle. Twist: one designated player on offense is the King. If the King scores then it is worth 5 points BUT if the King gets out then the round is immediately over and offense and defense switch sides!    


Ring Tennis!


Regular Tennis, but bonus points for scoring through the ring! 


Bump Ball!

The disc is substituted for a soccer ball. The ball can be moved with any part of the body except an open hand - hands must always be fists! 


Basketball Coolerball & Disc!

Everything is basketball, including the ball, except the objective is to score through the ring! Played 360 degrees around the target! 


Monkey in the Middle Coolerball & Disc!

Need at least 3 people to play. It's exactly like classic "monkey in the middle" except the Monkey is guarding the ring while the players on both sides take shots! If the money catches the disc, then there is a new Monkey!


Hide & Seek Coolerball & Disc!

One player is the "Seeker". Everyone else hides; only one "Hider" has the disc. Can the offense score before the disc-carrier is spotted? Works best when there are lots of places to hide and sneak around! 


Crab Ball!

The most gruelling game type of Coolerdisc ever! Players must travel everywhere while crab walking! 


Playground Coolerball & Disc!

Players may only walk while on Playground equipment. Classic Coolerdisc with a Playground in the middle! Always supervise and follow proper safety precautions! 


1 Touch!

Coolerball but each side is only allowed 1 touch! 


Coolerball-disc :-p

Coolerball but played with a disc and no paddle!



Coolerball but played with a pickleball and rackets!


Tennis Coolerball!

Coolerball played with tennis ball and rackets!


Badminton Coolerball!


Coolerball played with badminton paddles and shuttlecock!


Soccer Coolerball!


Coolerball played with a mini soccerball!


Juggle Coolerball!


Coolerball, but the ball must touch the paddle of everyone playing for going through the ring! Challenging

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