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Angleball is the Most Fun, Fit

& Athletic Sport on Earth. 

We know, we know, there are a lot of sports out there, how can we possibly claim angleball to be the most athletic fitness sport? Are we really saying that angleball is a more athletic fitness sport than soccer and tennis? A more athletic fitness sport than boxing, and basketball and football, and all the rest?! 


What is "athletics"? According to the standard dictionary definition, athletics is, “activities, such as sports and games that require physical skill”. Okay, so athletics is physical. It involves the physical skills of the human body, and it’s competitive - we test athleticism by comparing athletes' skills against each other. 

What skills are athletes competing over exactly? That’s decided by the sport. Some sports test very specific skills - speed for example. Sprinting is a speed sport. Other sports test a wide variety of skills - basketball for example tests hand-eye, endurance, agility, etc... Furthermore, athleticism is versatile, so while for example, bowling a ball takes hand-eye coordination it's a limited skill as opposed to throwing a ball which is a broader and more versatile test of hand-eye coordination. What versatility means is that the ideal angleball player would be good at a large variety of other sports; in fact, the core skills of angleball are a combination of American football, basketball and baseball. By studying the skills required by each major sport we can create a list of skills that define the greater world of athleticism - not just the physical skills of the muscular system but also of the nervous system, brain and eyes. The list is as follows:



Grace / Efficiency




Planning / Strategy




So, here is where angleball comes in as the World’s most athletic fitness sport. Angleball thoroughly tests every single versatile athletic skill - for every fielded player. No other sport tests as many versatile athletic skills, for every position, as fully as angleball. In fact, ESPN used skill rating to determine the "World's Toughest Sport" and using ESPN's ranking system and conservatively assigning angleball a lower score than the most comparable sport in each skill class, angleball still ranks 1st with 73 points simply because it thoroughly test so many skills per athlete compared to every other major sport. Meanwhile, Muscle Prodigy set out to find "The Most Athletic Sport" and again, using skill scores given to sports most closely matching angleball, angleball again ranks 1st simply based on breadth of skills tested. An Olympic affiliate conducted the same test to find The Most Athletic Sport, and angleball again ranked as the most athletic team sport by matching the skill scores of the most comparable sports ranked. Understand, angleball is not well known enough to be included on these lists, but when it is, we are confident angleball will rank first. Simply, angleball is the World's Most Athletic Fitness Sport because it benefits from the best attributes of American Football, Basketball and Baseball.  


Angleball is not just an athletic sport, angleball is a FITNESS sport. 


What is fitness? Fitness is, "the condition of being physically fit and healthy; being in shape or in condition". By definition, the opposite of fitness, of being "in condition" is injury. A sport can be athletic without being conducive to personal fitness - some sports are athletic but detrimental to health and physical condition. We call those gladiator, or combat, sports - gridiron football, MMA, rugby, etc... - and they are awesome, but they are not fitness sports in our opinion. Angleball is a fitness sport; angleball promotes full body fitness and health - even full contact angleball which is optimized for strength conditioning over concussive force since all hard contact must lead with the hands, the hands being the contact points for all the muscles of the arms and upper body. 


Furthermore, it is American Angleball's opinion that fitness be as inclusive as possible, so the rules of angleball are thoughtfully written in a way to de-emphasize unearned genetic advantages like height, focusing instead on athletic fitness skills that must be earned in a gym or through practice. Athletes of average genetics can compete in angleball at the highest levels with dedication and practice.   


You don't have to agree, but now you know why we say, “Angleball is the most fun, fit & athletic sport on Earth”!

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